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Create Job No

Customizable job number

This app creates a Job Number in the 3-5 Accounts Receivable (Jobs) screen.


  1. The department and all Sage required fields must be entered on the 3-5 Accounts Receivable (Jobs) screen before clicking the zMaxOneClick app.
  2. The department must always be four digits (this can be customized).
  3. The zMaxOneClick app must be clicked before the job has been saved. Once saved, the job number cannot be changed.


  1. Open the 3-5 Accounts Receivable screen.
  2. Enter all required fields and four digit department into a new 3-5 Jobs record.
  3. Before clicking save, click on the zMaxOneClick app and choose Create Job No.
  4. Save the record.


Joe Contractor's company wants the job department number to be in the job number. This is how they have always had their job numbers set up. They can look at the job number and know what type of job it is by the department number in it.


This app creates a Job Number in the 3-5 Accounts Receivable (Jobs) screen.

Return on Investment:

Two opportunities for ROI savings with this app: 1) Users save time not looking up the next job number and not worrying about entering the incorrect number. The correct job number is always created at just one click. 2) Save the cost to have a consultant fix the job number (and related records) that was entered wrong (or worse the hassle of having to live with a wrong job number.
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