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Job Cost Report

Job Cost Report in Microsoft Excel® format

This app uses a Microsoft Excel® template to create a Excel document from the 3-5 Jobs screen. The data that populates the Excel document is based on the data recorded in the 3-5 Jobs screen and the associated 6-3 Job Cost records. The Microsoft Excel® template can be customized by the user or your Sage 100 Contractor Certified Consultant to meet each company's needs. The app can also be customized for each company for an additional fee. If you are interested in customization of either the Excel template or the app, please fill out the [request form] on our website or email us (customize@zoomgeeks.com)


  1. Microsoft Excel® Merge Template exists in the \MB7\Zoom Integrated Products\zMaxOneClick folder
  2. If Job, Client and/or other associated data is included on the Microsoft Excel® Merge Template, the data must be entered and previously saved in the S100C screen.


  1. Open the 3-5 Jobs screen and find the appropriate job record.
  2. Click the zMaxOneClick app and choose Job Cost Report.
  3. Wait for the preview grid to appear.
  4. Click Export to Excel.
  5. Wait for the save dialog box to appear and click save.
  6. Wait for Microsoft Excel® Document to appear.


    Microsoft Excel® Document
  1. Default location is \MB7\[Company Name]\Zoom Reports
  2. The data available on the report includes: Estimated Hours, Estimated Cost, Estimated Change Order Hours, Estimated Change Order Cost, Actual Hours to Date and Actual Costs to Date for each cost code division.

System Requirements:

    General Requirements
  1. Microsoft Excel® 2010 or newer.


Joe Contractor wants to be able to see a summary of the costs for each job at any given time. Right now he can run the report, but he does not want all of the detail. He would also like the report to be in a specific format that can be edited after it is run.


This app creates and saves a document in Microsoft Excel® format from the 3-5 Jobs screen. The app automatically creates the data source and Microsoft Excel® document from a Microsoft Excel® merge template document which is customized to each company's needs for a one hour customization fee. The document is based on the data recorded in the 3-5 Jobs screen as well as the associated 6-3 Job Cost records.

Return on Investment:

The job cost report is produced at the click of the zMaxOneClick app in a Microsoft Excel® document.
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