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Committed Cost

Committed cost report with vendor

This app provides a committed cost report by cost code and vendor.


  1. The 3-5 Job must have a 6-2 budget.
  2. A 6-6-1 Purchase Order and/or 6-7-1 Subcontract must be used to see committed cost.
  3. The zMaxOneClick app must be run from an existing 3-5 Jobs record.


  1. Open the 3-5 Jobs screen to the appropriate record.
  2. Click the zMaxOneClick app and choose Committed Cost.
  3. The preview grid will appear.
  4. Click Export to Excel.
  5. Wait for the save dialog box to appear and click save.
  6. Wait for Microsoft Excel® Document to appear.


    Preview grid
  1. Microsoft Excel® document (Default location is \MB7\[Company Name]\Zoom Reports)
  2. Microsoft Excel® document provides a summary tab and detail tab with the following information: Cost Code, Vendor, Budget (budget is not set by vendor), Committed (purchase order and/or subcontract), Actual, Non Contract, Total Cost, Amount Paid, Paid %, Retainage, Committed vs. Actual, Cost %


Joe Contractor is creating a committed cost report by hand in the specific format he likes once a week. He does this because the S100C report does not contain the vendor and the report cannot be edited.


This app provides a committed cost report by cost code and vendor.

Return on Investment:

With the zMaxOneClick app, Joe has complete visibility at his fingertips from the 3-5 Jobs screen.
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