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Jobs to Close

List of complete jobs with $0 balance

This app provides a report listing the jobs in status 5-Complete where the receivable and/or service invoice balances are the $0.


  1. Open the 3-5 Jobs (Accounts Receivable) screen.
  2. Click the zMaxOneClick app and choose Jobs to Close.
  3. The preview grid will appear with the option to export to Excel®
  4. Find each of the jobs on the report in the 3-5 Jobs screen and change the job status for each one to 6-Closed.


    Preview grid
  1. Microsoft Excel® document (Default location is \MB7\[Company Name]\Zoom Reports)
  2. The data shown on the report includes: Job #, Job Description, Receivable Invoice Total, Service Invoice Total, Receivable Invoice Balance and Service Invoice Balance.


Joe Contractor completes 40-60 jobs per week which means a large amount of invoices are going out and payment is constantly being received. The Accounts Receivable Department doesn't always remember to close the job once the final payment for it is received. This leaves a lot of jobs open and they will not be archived.

Return on Investment:

The AR Department now has a list of jobs to close without having to do any research. More jobs are being archived at the end of the year.
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