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Income Account Split

Apply multiple income accounts to progress bill

This app splits the income accounts on the 3-2 Receivable Invoice and 1-3 Journal Transaction based off of the income accounts entered in the user defined field on the corresponding 3-7 Progress Billing details.


  1. Rename the User Defined field in the 3-7 Progress Billing details to “Income Account”
  2. Enter the income accounts into the quick list. Format is income account number, space, description (ex: 4040 Contract Income)
  3. The zMaxOneClick app must be run from a 3-7 Progress Billing record that has been posted with a corresponding 3-2 Receivable Invoice in 1-Open status.


  1. Open the 3-7 Progress Billing screen, enter the progress bill details.
  2. Enter the appropriate income account in the user defined field (now called Income Account) for each line item.
  3. Submit the Progress Bill.
  4. Post the Progress Bill and recall the record.
  5. Click on the zMaxOneClick app and choose Income Account Split.
  6. A confirmation screen will appear one the process is complete, click ok.


S100C only allows you to post to one income account for the progress bill. Joe Contractor would like to be able to put an income account on each line item. It currently takes 4-5 hours each month to manually re-class – look up all the progress bills, see where they are posted and adjust to the new income accounts by entering a journal transaction.

Return on Investment:

Now, there is no manual reclassification. The process is completed with the click of the zMaxOneClick app.
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