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Adjust Inspection Labor

Move inspection labor to overhead.

This app moves all 11-2 Work Order labor that does not have income associated with it to overhead.


  1. Record #1 in the 1-4 Recurring Journal Transactions will be used for this and the Transaction# must be 'Inspection Adj'.
  2. The work order status must be 8-Completed.
  3. Service Order # must be entered on the 5-2-2 Payroll Records screen.
  4. There are no 11-2 Service Invoices or 3-2 Receivable Invoices posted for the work order or the 3-5 Job associated with the 11-2 Work Order.
  5. App must be run AFTER each payroll has been computed.


  1. Open the 1-4 Recurring Journal Transactions screen.
  2. Click the zMaxOneClick app and choose Adjust Inspection Labor.
  3. The preview grid screen pops up and the data is coped to the clipboard to be pasted into a Microsoft Excel® document.
  4. The default filter is this Wednesday's date.
  5. To look at a specific date, input the date and click Submit. It will show any records from the date entered and prior.
  6. Uncheck the box next to any records that should not be moved and click Update.
  7. A confirmation box will appear asking if you are sure you want to insert a recurring receivable transaction and the transaction amount, click Yes.
  8. A confirmation box will pop up when the records have been updated, click ok.
  9. Click the Display First Record app on the 1-4 screen to view the transaction.
  10. Click Post and then click This Transaction Only.
  11. Go to the 1-6 screen and Recalculate Balances.


    Preview grid
  1. Microsoft Excel® document (Default location is \MB7\[Company Name]\Zoom Reports)
  2. The data shown on the preview grid includes: Job cost record #, work order #, transaction date, labor cost amount, SR invoice amount and AR invoice amount.


Joe Contractor provides free inspections as part of his marketing plan. He wants the labor costs for these inspections to be an overhead expense, but does not want to spend the time to move it manually.


This app moves all 11-2 Work Order labor that does not have income associated with it to overhead.

Return on Investment:

No more manually entry! All the labor is moved to overhead by clicking the zMaxOneClick app.
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